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WKT2093 – WAKi Electro Beauty & Healthy Chair

    All living creatures in nature cannot live without their living environment. People certainly need a good living environment if they want longevity.     

A brisk environment provides people with fresh air and let them enjoy the kindness offered by the nature and diseases can be reduced; harmonious environment may prevent people from being upset and keep them in a moderate and free from stress and prolong their life.     

However, the contemporary social environment is complicated. Modern people have to be confronted with various social stress and life stress such as unemployment, competition, learning, family at any time. With the quickened life pace and increased social stress, various discomforts and diseases are following one after another.     

WAKi International Group has produced the newly innovative product, WAKi Electro Beauty & Healthy Chair is a modern technology health care equipment that integrates based on the principles of traditional moxibustion, combined with modern computer technology and multiple new physiotherapies, photoelectric and magnetic heat energy to stimulate and activate meridians, venous cells, arterial cells and many more so that it will improve the immune system, relax fatigue muscles, improve blood circulation and many more. Eventually, people who uses it will become healthier and happier.

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