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WKB8008 – WAKi RO Hydrogen-Rich Purifier Dispenser


Category : WAKi Bio Energy

WAKi RO Hydrogen-Rich Purifier Dispenser adopts RO reverse osmosis filtration technology, SPE production by electrolysis hydrogen technology, rare earth thick film heating technology and other emerging technologies that all integrated in one of the hydrogen-rich free installation water purifier. It can effectively remove harmful substances in the water, ensure the safety of water quality, and produces hydrogen-rich water by SPE electrolysis technology, which ensures you to drink safe and healthy water every day. Besides, the water purifier is equipped with fast heating function which could heat the water to drinkable temperature within 3 second. The function of clean wastewater separation tank, integrated with the waterway and the design built-in precision water flow valve without wastewater backflow. Therefore, this WAKi RO Hydrogen-Rich Purifier Dispenser could make your user experience much simple and safer.   

WAKi RO Hydrogen-Rich Purifier Dispenser can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office and all kinds of environments and places. With the design plug and play, which is convenient and easy. It’s the best choice for you having safe and healthy water.

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